Alternative Therapies for Children with Autism

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 68 children in the U.S has autism.[i] Every autistic child is unique and deserves a treatment program tailored just for them. Traditional therapies such as applied behavioral analysis (ABA) combined with alternative therapies can greatly benefit many behaviors in children with autism. More studies have shown benefits of three approaches: acoustic resonance therapy, nutritional therapy, and infrared therapy.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.)

A.R.T. combines the healing of sound and vibration to balance brainwaves and helps create a sense of relaxation. The treatment stimulates positive brain responses in autistic children, which reduces negative symptoms. Music therapy can activate multiple areas in the brain that are responsible for fine motor skills, speech, and sensory perception.[ii] Glow happily supports Acoustic Resonance Therapy as we offer an option for it in all our mPulse cabins.

Nutritional Therapy

What we put in our bodies for fuel has a direct role in how we function. A change of diet can make a world of difference for a child with autism. Including omega-3 fatty acids in their diet can help with brain function and development. Found in foods like nuts and fish, this small addition into an autistic child’s diet can reduce unwanted behaviors while also improving social skills. Visit a dietician for more information and other supplements that have helped treat autism.

Infrared Therapy

An infrared sauna clears away toxins and allows the body to better normalize itself. After a half hour of exposure in an infrared sauna, body temperature can increase by 2 to 3 degrees. Research suggests that this promotes positive behavior in children with autism. The infrared waves also increase circulation, permitting more oxygen and nutrients to reach the brain. The result: a more content, healthier child with fewer autistic symptoms.

Here at Glow we are happy to be supporters of our manufacturing team Sunlighten and their partnership with the National Autism Association. We care deeply about the effects of autism, and value that we can offer alternative therapies to improve and relieve symptoms of autism.



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