Can Infrared Sauna Help With Weight Loss?

Whether you are trying infrared therapy to assist in your weight loss journey, or it is just an added benefit to boost your wellness routine, Glow Sauna Studios has you covered! There is always skepticism when it comes to any form of weight loss, but infrared therapy is no fad, it's here to stay.

Get your most common questions about infrared sauna weight loss answered here!

Infrared therapy weight loss
Infrared therapy weight loss

Q: Do Infrared Sauna's help with weight loss?

A: Clinical trials have indicated full spectrum infrared sauna technology aids in weight loss. The infrared heats your body’s core temperature by three degrees, inducing sweat. The rising of your core temperature results in increased blood flow and heart rate. This is a similar experience to exercise, which helps you lose weight. Full spectrum saunas help ease muscle aches and pains as they prepare your muscles for your next workout.

Q: How many calories will I burn in the sauna?

A: We all know weight loss is a process. There is no magic pill to give us exactly what we want. There are many factors when it comes to losing weight and more importantly, losing weight in a healthy manner. One must factor in their current weight, exercise routine,  and calorie consumption. Clinical studies have shown infrared sauna sessions burn as much as 600 calories, which would be similar to jogging for an hour at the gym.

Q: Why are infrared sauna better than traditional saunas?

A: Traditional saunas (dry and wet) heat the air around you, not your core directly. This causes a sweat to break, but the weight loss is mostly from water weight. Traditional saunas also tend to be very uncomfortable, with the overbearing heat making it difficult to breathe. Infrared Sauna's, however, are effective at temperatures as low as 130 degrees. Glow’s infrared saunas are all full spectrum, heating your core directly to induce sweat in the absence of conventional heat. The result, is a more detoxifying sweat as you are able to stay in the session longer, allowing you to sweat more and burn calories.

Q: What can I do for weight loss during a session?

A: During your Infrared Sauna session at Glow, there are a few ways to enhance your weight loss and cardiac output. You can practice light yoga, do some stretching, or even use the light weights provided at each location to do basic arm and shoulder workouts. Any one or combination of these will enhance your caloric burn.  Enjoying the sauna in a temperature that allows you to stay in the cabin the full length of time will also aid in your weight loss journey. It is recommended sauna users do not shower,  plunge, or otherwise rapidly reduce their body temperature immediately following their sauna session.  These activities accelerate your bodies return to normalcy (98.6 F) and eliminate your ability to continue burning calories. Recall, your core temperature is elevated and your body will continue to work hard to bring down the temperature for up to an hour after you complete your session. So towel off and shower when you get home!

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