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What Support Does Glow Provide Franchisees?

Your Success is our Success


The Glow team works alongside serial entrepreneurs and first-time business owners alike. We will help you thrive in your new endeavor. Alongside in-person training, access to our resources, and 24/7 phone support, you will have our playbook containing proven processes. Execute on the playbook with us and the rest is history.


Roadmaps and pre-opening manuals will be provided, but it is the Glow team that will help lead the way. Franchisees will benefit from below market pre-negotiated contracts with best-in-class vendors. From site selection and build-out to materials and marketing, Glow has the pieces solved. You’ll never be spinning your wheels trying to figure out what’s next.

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Pre-Opening Support

Glow will begin supporting you immediately after you claim your territory! From opening your new business to selecting a site within your territory, Glow will be with you in tandem on your journey. Glow, the brand, will establish awareness in your local area for your grand opening!


Our Geographical Information System is the largest in the nation and the only one receiving monthly updates. The incredibly powerful software profiles visitors of our shopping center and identifies the closest fits in your territory to view side by side and compare.


Once you secure your territory, our national suppliers will step in to ensure you have everything you and your contractor need to buildout and launch quickly. 

Pre-Launch Training

The Glow team will provide you the profile of an ideal candidate so that you can recruit, hire, and onboard your studio team members effectively. Your team and you will go through a comprehensive training that will equip you with the skills you need to scale the business.

Marketing & Advertising 

Our nationally recognized Marketing firm will help put your studio on the map and handle all things digital for you to help ensure consistency and success.

Local Branding and Social Media 

Glow will guide you through the different social media channels to ensure you are using them to their full potential. Responding to prospect inquiries timely and consistently will help ensure a membership base floor.

Classroom and On-The-Job Training
Prior to opening your studio, Glow will host you in a week-long training session to ensure you can convert your presale leads into founding membership and packages. We deliver some training remotely to control costs with you in mind.

Grand Opening Support

Glow will be at your location supporting you!

Lead Generation and Member Acquisition
Seamlessly, the best-in-class agency that put your new business on the map will handle all things lead generation. Your focus is on executing the playbook, providing top notch customer service, and building relationships.

Grand Opening Support
Glow will be with you your first week so that you don't just hear what we teach you, but rather watch how we go about sales and ensure efficiency in operations.

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