Love the Skin You’re In!

Let’s be honest, skin care can get expensive. Purchasing designer creams, cleaners and lotions add up quick, but we are human and breakouts don’t judge or care what important event we have the next day! Have you been looking for something that gives you a sense of recovery and relaxation, while giving you flawless and glowing skin? Walk in to Glow Sauna Studios!


Skin problems normally stem from an internal source. Hormonal imbalances, immune system issue, genetic influences, stress…these all can be reasons your body is producing acne and blemishes. The issue might occur from an outside source such as an allergic reaction or exposure to something in the environment.

With so many acne influencers, it may be hard to maintain a beautiful complexion and glowing skin.

This is where infrared sauna science meets glowing skin!

Glowing Skin

Infrared saunas for skin care has been all the rage for celebrities these days! Celebrities have now been name dropping Sunlighten technology for their ageless skin care secrets. Well now, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have access to this raving technology! Simply book your Glow Sauna session.

How is Glow the Key?

Unlock the benefits of having access to the full infrared spectrum. In just a 30 to 40-minute session, you will notice your skin looks more radiant and healthy. When using a 3-in-1 infrared sauna, you get access to near, mid and far infrared rays which will offer you way more than just radiant skin.

As the warmth from the infrared exposure induces a sweat, your body releases toxins, pushing out impurities from your pores, resulting in beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

Love the skin you’re in

You skin is a representation of you! Skin is a reflection of your state of health. An unhealthy lifestyle causes signs of early aging, skin discoloration and build-up of toxins that produce black heads and acne. On the healthy lifestyle, you break out less and your skin has a natural, beautiful tone with smaller, cleaner pores. Remember to take care of yourself after every Glow session, replenishing electrolytes and drinking plenty of water! Remaining hydrated will help your skin sweat out more toxins, keep your skin healthier and allow it to have more elasticity.