NASA Approved Near-Infrared Therapy

NASA has been doing multiple studies on human cell health to better the health risks

for astronauts. Studies have found that cells need gravity to stimulate growth, as the gravitational force increase or decreases; the cell will function in similar fashion. That is why NASA started to study the application of infrared light therapy. Using Near-Infrared technology NASA was able to significantly improve the overall health and medical care for astronauts on long-term missions. Near- Infrared studies have shown to have multiple benefits in space helping with prevention of bone and muscle atrophy, along with wound and muscle healing, which in many cases before the healing process would not start until landing on earth.


NASA studies have showed that near infrared therapy penetrates into the deep muscle tissue, which can quadruple the cell health and tissue growth. NASA used LED infrared lights, like those found in our mPulse saunas, to increase the energy of our cellular levels. Increasing cellular energy helps improve cell production and collagen growth naturally.

Every wellness session here at Glow will help cleanse and stimulate the circulatory system along with increasing blood circulation. Meaning more toxins will flow from the cellular level up to the skin’s surface improving cell health, muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.






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Photo by Adam Miller