Spring Into Wellness!

Simple Ways to Spring into Wellness

Every year Spring comes around like a reality check. We start looking for some healthy inspiration knowing there is still time to get into better shape for summer. Getting back to a healthy routine is a difficult task for many of us. Here are some healthy tips to get you started!



Find a program that helps you with accountability. A group fitness program where you have to pre-schedule, or schedule gym time with a friend (you wouldn’t want to let them down!).

Track your progress. Whether it is inches or weight, set a goal and track it. Seeing progress is the biggest motivation! There are tons of free apps to use, like MyFitnessPal.

Find a wearable fitness tracker to keep you moving! Most of them challenge you to hit a certain step goal, obtain a specific number of minutes of exercise, and challenge friends.

Preventing Injury

  • Nothing is more frustrating than getting in a healthy routine and incurring an injury due to poor form or lack of recovery. It feels like one step forward and then two steps back.

  • Working out too much? Yes, there is such a thing! Lifting weights too often or excessive cardio can be counter-productive. Your muscles need recovery time to repair and let the lactic acid buffer out. If you constantly workout the same muscle groups or do not take any days off, you are prepping your body for an injury.
  • Watch your form and know how to properly execute the exercise. Improper form can lead to pain, aches, injury and ultimately discouragement.
  • Stretch and rest! When you are building muscle, keep in mind you are also breaking it down. Resting helps muscles recover so they can be broken down again. Stretch to get the flexibility and elasticity back in the muscles.

Sweat It Out

  • Stay hydrated, drink water to fuel your body.
  • Book an appointment at a Glow sauna near you for an infrared session. By relaxing in Glow Sauna Studio’s sauna cabin or sauna pod, you will detoxify the body and accelerate healing and muscle recovery. In addition, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated.
  • Stretch during your session. A study conducted at Auburn University at Montgomery shows that doing sauna stretches can increase flexibility by 3x!

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