Sweat Out Those Toxins

Detox…it’s all the rage these days, and for good reason! Hundreds of studies have shown the amazing impact that infrared light does for your body. From increasing circulation to healing joints and muscle tissue.

Fighting Fire with Infrared

Ailments and illnesses don’t judge…so everyone needs a good detox. Even the East Montgomery County Fire Department in Texas encourages infrared saunas. These men are fighting fire toxins with infrared. Captain Eran Denzler said “we go into a fire and the smoke, the chemicals, whatever may rub against your skin is absorbed into the body.” The chemicals that get absorbed in their skin is so toxic that their sweat has a yellow, brown-ish hew to it. “The sauna puts the firefighter into a fever state that purges the toxins absorbed while fighting fires.

If fire fighters know infrared can detoxify the toughest contents they go up against, imagine just sweating out the chemicals your body is introduced to every day. As Rodney Vestal, CEO of Whole Body Wellness Concepts would put it, “The evidence from the individuals I have worked with who are chronically ill shows detoxing with infrared is effective and efficient.”

10 Benefits of Detoxing Your Body, and doing so with Glow

  1. Weight Loss – infrared jump-starts the process and keeps it going
  2. Aids Internal Organs – infrared helps to purify your organs and assist your kidneys and liver do their jobs more efficiently
  3. Better Immune System – infrared helps to protect your body from disease and illness
  4. More Energy – get a boost with infrared, as USA today says, “detoxing takes away things like sugar and caffeine that causes energy crashes, leaving you with more stable energy throughout the day”
  5. Better Breath – infrared detox helps your digestive system function more effectively, helping relieve some causes of bad breath
  6. Clear Skin – infrared detox unclogs your pores and purifies your skin
  7. Healthier Hair – detox with infrared to allow your body the nutrients needed to grow healthy hair
  8. Anti- Aging – detoxing helps slow down the visual signs of aging that is causing damage to the skin as well as interfering with your natural collagen production
  9. Improved Thinking – infrared saunas allow you to disconnect into a meditative state…nothing but clear thoughts and better memory
  10. Better Sleep – the infrared sauna will relax those muscles, the recipe for an easy night of rest and catching some zzz’s

Your detox brought to you by Glow Sauna Studios.