Welcome To Wellness Month!

That’s right! From February 4th to the 8th it’s national Wellness Week, but here at Glow Sauna Studios, we are tuning it into a Wellness Month! Team Glow is challenging you to include a little self care in your routine this month. Between family events, friend outings, and your busy work schedule, your calendar is probably overflowing! Now think, when was the last time you penciled yourself in for an hour or two? Stop neglecting yourself. We think it is time to make yourself a priority!  Whether you are going through a rough patch or just pushing through the day-to-day grind, “me-time” should always be on the agenda. Need some inspirational thoughts on how to spend that me-time? Here are some ideas that your personal team at Glow Sauna Studios love!

Sweat It Out!

How many times have you heard this expression? That’s because it could not be more true. 

Sweating is a mental and physical release of toxins and endorphins that your body needs to be happy! To some this means working out, taking out stress and pushing your body to the limit. To others it’s a Glow wellness session, something that feels good as your body and mind heal. There is no wrong way if it’s for you!


Shut Down Routine


Your body and mind crave routine…it’s just human nature. For the month of February, try to limit screen time to one hour before bed. You could indulge in some conversation with your significant other, open a good book, or even consider bedtime yoga. Something to allow your body and mind to relax that contains minimum brainwave stimuli.




 – It’s a Thing!


A good run can be meditative and trigger endorphins (nature’s home-brewed opiates). Endorphins released in your body act like a natural painkiller, helping ease any stress or discomfort weighing on your shoulders. Haven’t you heard the expression “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands!” said by Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? It is a classic with a piece of the truth!

Take on a Hobby

What is something you have wanted to try? An interest that has been in the back of your mind for weeks, months, or years? We are urging you to just try it! Could be as easy as learning how to knit, learning to play an instrument, antiquing…the possibilities are limitless. Take on something new and exciting. Learning is a part of life and self-growth.

No matter what you do this month, it is all about loving yourself for who you are!

Have a happy Wellness Month!

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