Workout. Glow. Repeat.

Push it to the Max

Working out is all about pushing your body. And let’s be honest…there are a ton of fitness obsessions out there – team sports, Pilates, spin, and HIIT to name a few. They bring out competitiveness within us. Some of you are probably thinking that you’re not competitive, but it’s not always about being better than someone else. Most of the time the competition is with ourselves, striving to be better than we were yesterday and the day before.

Irrespective of your fitness preference, training puts strain on our muscles and wear and tear on our bodies. This is where Glow Sauna Studios can help! Infrared saunas can aid in training at/for the next level. Infrared speeds up muscle recovery and enhances flexibility which is important in preventing injury.

A study from the Journal of Athletic Enhancement found that “the use of FIR [far infrared] heat for 40 minutes improves muscle recovery after an intense training as compared to passive recovery methods.”

Do we have your attention now? We constantly hear rest and recovery are essential in achieving new physical goals, but we don’t hear enough about Infrared Sauna. Fern Olivia, a well-known health and wellness enthusiast shared how infrared has impacted her.

“A few [infrared] sauna sessions a week have really helped alleviate sore muscles and joints. Infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles, and tissues; increasing circulation; and generating more oxygen flow to injured areas of the body. The heat flushes out lactic acid, helping muscles to loosen, reducing soreness, minor aches, stiff muscles, and muscle spasms.”

Studies have shown that infrared sauna use can enhance muscle recovery by using three different types of infrared waves (near, mid and far). This is known as full spectrum infrared. When infrared wavelengths penetrate our body, our circulation and oxygen flow increases, which in-turn decreases recovery time. Infrared is a source of natural pain relief that reduces soreness, muscle spasms, and allows us to naturally heal at a faster rate. This is just what you need when you push your body to the max. Come perspire with us today and leave with a glowing beem of light!

Long story short…Workout. Glow. Repeat.

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